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By deploying dual fuel technology, an emission reduction of at least 20% CO2, NOx and particulates can be realized, which has an added benefit of  potential costs savings of several Euros per kilometer. The reduction of the fuel consumption is calculated to be 20%. The exact monetary savings dual fuel will lead to will become clear once The Argonon is in service. In terms of the environment, the following benefits exist in addition to the reduction of fuel:

•    Reduction of the emission of polluting substances into the air;

•    Reduction of the noise produced by ship engines, due to the disappearance of the ‘diesel clatter’ and        due to fewer loud explosions in the cylinders;

•    Return on investment period can be realized due to lower fuel costs;

•    Positive contribution to carbon footprint of end product;

•    Longer intervals of engine revision;

•    Longer service life of the lubricating oil;

•    Positive appearance of course of action as a whole.

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