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Deen Shipping wants the best for people, the environment and safety in general. We take good care of our people, but also of the environment. The health and the wellbeing of our staff is very important to us. Our people have safety equipment and rescue equipment, the use of which is mandatory on our ships. That equipment is to prevent people from possibly inhaling hazardous substances. Several inspections every year provide the necessary health check-ups. All health and safety protocols are recorded in our quality manuals.

Deen Shipping does not want to pollute the environment and does not want to burden the environment more than necessary. That is why Deen Shipping is continually engaged in thinking of and implementing innovative solutions to prevent pollution. Building ships with a Y-shape hull is a good example of this. We think The Argonon, our ‘green’ ship under construction, is a sneak peek into the future of inland navigation.

The so-called ‘carbon footprint’ is becoming of increased importance. The first step towards durable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible entrepreneurship is the calculation of the CO2 emission the production and transportation of a product causes. If a product is produced in a reasonably ‘clean’ manner, but subsequently transported on an extremely polluting ship, the product is less ‘clean’ in the end. Through innovative ideas Deen Shipping wants to contribute to a better environment by drastically reducing emissions; we also want to make sure that our beautiful industry, ‘inland navigation’, is able to further extend the head start we currently have when it comes to the environment

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