About Deen Shipping

Deen Shipping owns five ships and manages a sixth ship in the Deen-fleet. The staff of twenty five makes sure the cargo, different types of oil, is transported safely. Two bunker ships supply marine vessels in the Rotterdam and Antwerp ports with the oil required for the engines. The other ships transport mineral oils and distillates for refineries. Those ships sail to storage depots in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

Deen Shipping thinks about the safety of people and the environment continuously, in particular because of the environmentally damaging cargo Deen ships transport. One of our innovations is the Y-shaped hull which drastically reduces the risk of calamities on collision. But our flagship is our ship ‘the Argonon’. This ship will sail on dual fuel, which will drastically reduce emissions.


“ Deen Shipping thinks in solutions

Never in problems.